Are Essential Oils Bullsh*t? The Scientifically-Proven Natural Oil That Aids With Sleep, Stress, Insomnia, And Aggression

Essential oils are a controversial topic in some circles, due to the fact that they're sometimes peddled by stay-at-home MLM moms, who claim they can heal just about every condition on the planet, or be used as a remedy for absolutely everything. While many of the claims people like this looking to make a quick buck are incorrect, the simple fact is that essential oils can benefit us in many ways, and in some cases, their use is backed by real science.

One such essential oil that I'm going to speak about in this episode is lavender, which has clinical backing showing its effectiveness as an anti-anxiety tool, relaxant, and compound that can not only be used as a sleep aid, but even assist with insomnia, showing the potential power of this natural wellness compound.

To those who are still doubters, and still may be unsure about the effectiveness of lavender oils, or essential oils in general as an effective biohacking tool, I recommend you don't take my word for it and consume some of the published data on the matter, including the studies I've linked below. Though I don't blame you if you still have some reservations when some MLM mom is telling you on Facebook her oils can make you fly.

If you're interested in learning more about essential oils, or want to secure some of your own lavender oil for use as a sleep aid, I always recommend Essential Oil Wizardry as a trusted source I back due to their extremely high-quality products, and that the founder Dr. Nick Berry is simply an incredible dude who cares about the products he shares with the world.

Some of the studies I mention in this podcast episode can be found below:

STUDY — "Lavender and the nervous system":
STUDY — "An olfactory stimulus modifies nighttime sleep...":
STUDY — "Effect of inhaled lavender on sleep hygiene...":


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