Biohacking Your Balls, Skin Health And Brain With Photobiomodulation: How Red Light Therapy Can Upgrade Your Life — Justin Strahan of Joovv

Technology is a wonderful thing, and can enable us in most cases to live easier, and happier lives. But technology isn't always something that enables us to leave healthier lives, especially in this modern age of radiation, EMF, and so on. However, today's guest will share with you a method of healing that stands out from the crowd, that cam be extremely beneficial in so many ways.

In this episode, I'm talking to one of the founders of Joovv, Justin Strahan. Joovv is probably the world's most well-known manufacturer of red light therapy devices, or photobiomodulation machines if you want to get technical. An engineer, Justin started Joovv as a way to help with muscle recovery and skin health, though through the wonders of science, we know so much more about the benefits of this modality today.

Justin and I discuss a range of topics relating to photobiomodulation and Joovv, including some of the reasons Joovv was started, the benefits of this technology on your biology, beneficial effects on the body that weren't intended when Justin and his team founded Joovv, what you need to know about EMF when using Joovv, how you can boost testosterone using red light therapy, increasing your collagen production and skin health, powerful post-exercise recovery, and so much more.

To find out more about this epic technology, please head to the Joovv website here:

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