The Effortless Biohack That Increases Output And Simplifies Meditation: Using Binaural Beats To Alter Mental States

Ever found it difficult to meditate, let your mind relax, or focus? You're not alone. And despite how little many people know about conquering these simple and widespread annoyances of the mind, there are an incredible array of tools that exist to help us biohack our mental state, and more easily meditate, get into flow, and produce more output when we sit down to work. And the best part is, some of the tools that can help us achieve this are truly effortless.

In today's solo episode, I discuss the topic of Binaural Beats technology, and two effective and cheap tools that use this technology to enable us to do things like drop into meditation without any effort, focus more easily when at work, relax the brain and reduce stress, help with falling asleep much easier, and so much more. The two tools I reference in this episode are Holosync which I still use occasionally for my meditation practice, and, which I use almost on a daily basis to this day.

Although Binaural Beats technology is fairly simple in how it works by tricking the brain using an auditory illusion into changing the brainwaves that are being produced, the results couldn't be less simple in terms of the increased levels of wellbeing, productivity, and sleep quality this technology can afford you.

Please see the links below for the two tools I mention in this episode: 


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