How Psychedelics Will Change The World: Turning Psilocybin From Morally Illicit To Mentally Illuminating — Kyle Maynard Part 2 Of 2

The second on my special two-part interview with adventurer, author, speaker, athlete and all-round motivational figure Kyle Maynard (, who for the first time opens up about his use of psychedelics, the impact they've had so far on his life, as well as how he sees these compounds being of benefit to the human race.

If you haven't yet listened to the first part of this interview that was published on the first of March 2019, I recommend you go and do that first, especially if you haven't yet been introduced to Kyle and what he's all about. It's available wherever you've discovered this podcast, and is episode #10 posted directly before this one, so it's easy to track down. In it, I introduce Kyle, some of his achievements, and we discuss his Kilimanjaro adventure, biohacking, mental processes, fave books, and so much more.

Whether you call them entheogens, plant medicine, or the more commonly-known psychedelics, these compounds are still a controversial topic for some, though are becoming more widely accepted as science learns more about the benefits they can have on humanity. As I refer in the episode, there's some great information on how they're being used in healing via MAPS ( I also recommend the books How To Change Your Mind by Michael Pollen ( if you would like to learn more.

In the episode, Kyle talks about his experiences with psilocybin, what he learned from it, and how his thought process has changed as a result of going down this path. We also discuss the ethics of these compounds, who they may be beneficial for, and some of the challenges of making them more available to the wider world. As mentioned, this isn't a topic that Kyle has ever discussed in public before, so is a great one to digest. I feel extremely lucky that I was able to share this story with the world.

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