Freezing Your Ass Off Is Good For You: The Incredible Health Benefits Behind A Daily Cold Therapy Biohacking Practice

Let's face it; cold showers suck. And although I've already discussed my morning cold thermogenesis practice in episode #002 in a small amount of detail, so many of you weren't sure why this biohacking practice was so important, so I thought it necessary to dedicate one of my solo episodes to it. As far as biohacks go, this one is definitely effective, albeit one that you won't like doing, especially when you start the practice.

Taking cold showers in the AM is something that's been gaining a ton of popularity in the worldwide community to biohackers, with the legendary Dutch cold therapy practitioner Win Hof being credited by many as bringing this tool into the general awareness of the public. And in this episode, I go into some more of the detail of why you should be taking cold showers in the morning, the mental and immunological benefits that they can have to your biology, how they can help you to become a more strong-minded human being, as well as the most important parts of your body you should be directing that frigid stream to maximise the benefits.

For me, cold showers have been a part of my daily ritual for some time, though I will admit that it's not something I do without fail every day, but more often than not, I am freezing my ass off in the morning, sucking in deep breaths as my body adjusts to the shock, and wondering why the hell I started this whole biohacking thing in the first place.

I'm not saying you'll completely thank me for this episode, and you'll likely be cursing my name for introducing this biohack into your life in the early stages, though there's so much science pointing to how effective it can be for your overall health, that it's not something you should be ignoring.

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