Upgrade Your Brain With Smart Drugs: Biohacking Nootropics, Natural Cognitive Performance Stacks, Limitless Pills, And Brain Science — Gregory Kelly ND Of Neurohacker Collective

These days, biohacking your mind is just as common as tinkering with your body, and joining me today to talk about exactly that is Gregory Kelly ND of Neurohacker Collective. The head product formulator for this company — most well-known for producing the Qualia Mind stack — Greg has decades of experience in natural medicine, and using organic compounds to allow us to perform in a way we may not have ever thought possible.

If you've ever seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, but maybe weren't sure what a nootropic is, this film gives the "Hollywood" description of what these compounds can do. However, as Greg and I will discuss, unfortunately yet, we're not at the level where we can design a nootropic that can make us all overnight millionaires, or produce a flawless memory, though that doesn't mean we don't already have compounds that can do some pretty impressive things.

Nootropics are extremely common in the world today, with people turning to things like Modafinil, Adderal, or even pain-old caffeine to upgrade the performance of their brains. Nootropics are gaining an increased level of awareness due to things like a higher level of competition in the business world, and technology allowing us to wring more out of our minds to get an edge.

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