You Are Not Fully Human: How To Biohack The Trillions Of Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, And Protozoa That Live Inside You — Alanna Collen, Author of 10% Human

You may be surprised to know that you're not human — at least, not completely human. By number, you're actually made up of more cells that aren't human, comprised of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other organisms that live in and on your body, and have done since the day you entered this world.

Today I chat to Alanna Collen PhD., the author of the epic tome 10% Human, which talks on your microbiome and how to take care of it. This is a book I read when in Belgium last year, and although I already knew the fundamental principles of taking care of my microbial health, it was still an incredibly mind-blowing read. And Alanna joins me today from the UK to unveil some simple tactics you can use to take care of the trillions of micro-organisms that live inside you, biohack your microbiome, ,ake better food choices, and generally care for these miniature lifeforms that are essential to your survival.

Alanna's journey into discovering the importance of the microbiome stemmed from a health problem she faced due to an encounter with ticks in the jungles of Malaysia (a country where I lived once upon a time). A graduate of University College in London, Alanna used her training in evolutionary biology to better understand what was happening within her body's commune of microbes due to a course of antibiotics that negatively changed this part of her biology, and then turn things around for the better.

If you've never touched heavily on the concept of the human microbiome, or ever wondered about how much of your physical and mental health is dependent on having a healthy microbial ecosystem, this podcast episode is going to be one not to miss.

Find out more about Alanna Collen via her website, and I seriously recommend you check out her book 10% Human for more on this fascinating topic, and even more bacteria-based biohacks you can implement in your life.

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