The Ayurvedic Super Herb That Kills Stress And Anxiety: Using Ashwagandha To Biohack Your Cortisol And Happiness

Ever feel stressed? Anxious? Lacking calm? Let's face it, those are stupid questions as all humans have felt those emotions and feelings from time-to-time. And it's not getting much easier, as the stresses of this modern, fast-paced world continue to pile up on society, not giving many of us respite. However, there's a super-herb from the Ayurvedic tradition that's been used for thousands of years to help instil more calm and ease in the lives of human beings called Ashwagandha, and modern science is backing up this ancestral method of healing, with facts backed up by placebo-controlled trials.

Ashwagandha is something that's been part of my morning routine for at least the last two years, and is a phenomenal adaptogen that will enable you to stave off stress, lower feelings of anxiety and generally feel more happy in your day-to-day life. It's more often than not found in powdered form used as a supplement, to be easily added in smoothies, or other food and drink.

A staple tool that I recommend should be kept at all times in any biohacker's natural health tool kit, Ashwagandha is starting to see more and more of a resurgence in popularity as more benefits of this time-tested herb come to light, both in the anecdotes of people using it who find it effective, but also via scientific study.

The study I mention in this episode can be found here via the NIH (National Institutes Of Health), though there are a ton more studies similar to it that can be found online.

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