Hardcore Hydrogen: Biohacking With The Universe’s Most Abundant Element And Why It's A Supercharged Antioxidant Powerhouse — Jeff Taraday

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, so is something you may not consider would be extremely effective as a biohacking tool for health, wellness, and longevity. However, as you’ll learn in this episode, hydrogen is being studied as an extremely powerful therapy that can be used to aid in many areas of our lives.

in today’s interview, I’m talking to Jeff Taraday, one of the co-owners of Trusii, who are the world’s leader in molecular hydrogen. And although molecular hydrogen therapy is relatively new in the grand scheme of things when it comes to health and biohacking, that doesn’t in any way shadow the power of this heavily-studied element.

Personally, I’ve used molecular hydrogen for years as my go-to aid in helping me stay alert, and healthy when I travel, as well as my number one tool for beating jetlag during the six months or so a year I’m on the road. Jeff and I discuss this in today’s episode, as well as many more reasons you should be getting more hydrogen in your life.

If by some freak scenario I could only take five supplements for the rest of my life, and had to stop taking everything else in my biohacker’s toolkit, molecular hydrogen would be one of the five, alongside shilajit, pine pollen, and a few others.

If you’re interested in Trusii’s molecular hydrogen products, use the link below to buy, and use the code “BIOALCHEMY” at checkout for an exclusive discount.

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