Hacking Your Happiness With Minimalism: The Secrets To Living Large With Less Stuff From A Minimalist Influencer — Sorelle Amore

Despite consuming more stuff, are you less happy? That's the problem plaguing society that we're tacking on today's mental and lifestyle biohacking episode focusing on minimalism.

Having amassed a following on social media of over a million people thus far — primarily on Instagram and YouTube — the incredible Sorelle Amore has become known for many things over the past few years since she landed squarely in the limelight in several fields of internet talent. From photography, videography, travel, creating the "Advanced Selfie", and being a seeker of wisdom, Sorelle is on the Bio Alchemy podcast today to talk about something that's made a hefty impact when it comes to her happiness, and that's living a minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism is the philosophy that owning less or making more conscious choices in your buying could bring you more happiness, which is a line of thinking that's being backed up by some science which is suggesting the same. For most people though, it's simply about biohacking your mental state to bring in more wellbeing and peace, without constantly struggling against the impulse to buy, as many humans in modern societies have been lowered to being seen by corporations as nothing more than mindless consumption machines.

This is a super-special episode of the Bio Alchemy podcast, or at least for me, the most special episode so far. Although my guest today is a human that I know more about than anyone else, I'm also more fascinated in learning more about as each day passes that I am lucky enough to spend by her side. And in case you haven't already guessed, or haven't been following me for long, yes, Sorelle is my partner.

While Sorelle and I both can champion the benefits of minimalist living, it's not all roses as Sorelle will discuss in this episode. But while there may have its downsides, we both agree the pros outweigh the cons in this case. And for me, this is one of the truly wonderful biohacks for happiness you may not have known existed.

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