Biohacking Your Morning Routine With The Basics: Coffee, Grounding, Cold Thermogenesis, Meditation, Natural Supplements & More

In my first ever solo episode for the Bio Alchemy podcast — something you'll be getting twice a week, every week going forward from now — I discuss one of the most common things that I seem to be interested in when it comes to high performers, or that I'm asked as a biohacker, which are what things make up my average morning routine. In this episode, you'll find the things that tend to kick my day off into high-gear most mornings, the tactics I advise to get the most out of your day, and some of the items or products that I use on my morning routine.

This will be covered in more detail in an upcoming module of my intensive biohacking course in the future, though for now I wanted to give you some tactics you can use right now in order to get the most out of your day. I strongly believe that the start of the day will be a precursor to how well the rest of your day will pan out, so it's super-important to me to lock down a positive morning routine on as many days as I possibly can.

This should be considered the basic version of my morning routine, and I will go into more detail in future episodes on some of the more detailed tactics, methodologies, actions, and supplements I use in my morning (and nightly) routine, though I wanted to start off with a bit of a simpler introduction to those who may not as yet have started a morning routine practice, or even delved at all into the world of biohacking at all. However, this is generally a good way to get your foot in the door and get a taste for biohacking, as well as start to perform better in all aspects of your day-to-day life with a properly-structured biohacker's morning routine.

If this episode piqued your interest, or you have other things you're already integrating into your morning routine, feel free to hit me up on Instagram with questions or insights into what you do that helps you perform the best you can.

As mentioned in the episode, you'll also find below a list of herbal aids and supplements that tend to make up part of my morning routine. 

Shilajit fulvic acid compound ( — mineral boost, collagen production, testosterone support
Pine pollen ( — testosterone production
Molecular hydrogen tablets ( — selective antioxidant
Himalayan pink salt ( — hydration and adrenal support
Ashwagandha ( — stress modulation
Grapeseed extract w/ resveratrol ( — longevity, antioxidant
Astaxanthin ( — longevity, antioxidant
Stinging nettle root ( — testosterone stack
Fenugreek (— testosterone stack, stacked with above item
Hawthorn extract (  — testosterone stack, stacked with above item
L-tryptophan ( — mood, serotonin production
L-theanine ( — nootropic effect, blended in coffee
Organic coffee ( — brain juice
Organic bone broth ( — gut health
Organic pomegranate concentrate ( — gut health, antioxidant
Organic apple cider vinegar ( — gut health, mixed with above item
Reishi ( — immune system support
Chaga ( — longevity, disease prevention
Lion's Mane ( — brain health, nootropic effects

An important point to note is that I don't always use the exact products above. As an example, I tend to make my own bone broth most of the time, and I import pine pollen in bulk for myself from China, neither of which may be ideal for many people out there. So in cases like this, I've recommended companies who produce these products that I trust. You may be able to get comparable items that will do the same job in some cases if you choose other brands/products, however I definitely recommend you use the exact mushroom products recommended here (from Real Mushrooms) as they're one of only a few companies not selling myceliated grain, and provide only 100% mushroom products.

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