The Biohacking Emperor Of Self-Quantification: Experimentation, Hacking Sleep, Grounding, And More — Quantified Bob


Quantified Bob (Bob Troia) is a legend in the biohacking industry, and someone who is known as the king of self-experimentation, data gathering, and biohacking the human body in the way that very few people can claim. More than anything, Bob is known for self-quantification, which is the process of cataloguing information about certain biomarkers, and using that information to improve his mind and body.

In this interview, we discuss some of the most surprising things Bob has uncovered in his journey as a biohacker, some of the most profound things he’s discovered when it comes to controlling his biology, extremely powerful hacks for sleep, uncovering the truth about grounding (or earthing as it’s sometimes known), simple biohacks almost anyone can do, modalities of treatment or healing that didn't work for him, advice for new biohackers, and so much more.

I thoroughly recommend searching for more information about Bob, as well as following his adventures in the world of self-quantification, which you can do via or by doing a simple Google search on the man himself.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to share this episode around if you received some value out of it, and I look forward to sharing more like this in the future.

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