Your Gut Health Sucks: The World’s Foremost Expert On Enzymes And How They Can Supercharge Your Digestion — Wade Lightheart


You may be the kind of person who thinks your digestive health is fine. You may think all is well when it comes to the way your body processes food. And you may not have ever had much of a problem in your life in this area until now. However, this episode may change your mind as to how you think about your food, digestion, and your diet in general.

My guest today is Wade Lightheart, Canada's three-time natural bodybuilding champion, and one of the world's foremost experts of enzymes, digestion, and the energy-production part of the human process, that most of us take for granted. And as in my opinion that food is the second most important part of a biohacker's routine to get a handle on after sleep, this is likely an episode you'll be wanting to get into your mind.

Wade will go over some details about his story, how he bought himself back from the brink of a digestive health disaster, as well as founding the company BiOptimizers (, with their products being an important topic of this episode. BiOptimizers is a company very well know in the biohacking world, and one who I have been recommending more and more to biohackers and humans who want to perform better quite often of late.

Full disclosure also on this episode, Wade was generous enough to send me a huge boxy of BiOptimizer's products after recording this episode, though that aside I am an immense fan of what they do, especially their Masszymes proteolytic enzymes, and P3OM probiotics. I highly recommend them to anyone who really wants to lock down their digestive health.


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